LifeChange Recovery Program

Leonard Mayo, Program Manager - LifeChange

Substance abuse impacts people from all walks of life. And for some, addiction is so destructive that it leads to loss of job, home, family, physical and mental health. The most visible in our community are the homeless. Approximately 1 in 3 homeless individuals are caught up in this cycle substance abuse.

At Bread of Life we know that recovery lasting a lifetime cannot be done alone, and without Christ. Our LifeChange Recovery team walks alongside the students who are overcoming their additions by learning new ways.

LifeChange Recovery is a 12-month Christian discipleship program designed to lead you to a refreshing Christ-centered life, free from drug and alcohol addictions. This program is available to all men,18+ years of age. There is a work therapy aspect of the program in which you will be expected to contribute several hours daily to Mission house duties. There is no financial cost to LifeChange Residents.

The first eight months of the program focuses on recovery and self-development during which you are required to attend classes, group and individual counseling sessions, Bible study, and daily devotions/chapel. During the last four months – the transitional phase – you'll focus on recovery while simultaneously preparing for your career, and seeking employment.

LifeChange Graduates may apply to continue to live at the Mission for an additional 18 months to secure their finances and seek independent housing.

The LifeChange Recovery Program utilizes a body-mind-spirit recovery model. The program uses The Genesis Process materials and additional books: Journey into Building Better Relationships; Journey into Overcoming; Journey into Discipleship; Journey into Christlikeness; and Journey into Faith that Works.

Interested in joining the LifeChange Recovery Program?

In order to graduate from LifeChange, each Program Resident must complete a required curriculum including coursework, self study, individual counseling, household chores, career assessment and more. These requirements also include daily Bible reading, assigned Christian studies and Biblical memory verses.


We are open for enrollment M-F 1-2pm. If you are invited into the program, please be prepared to begin immediately. CONTACT OUR PROGRAM TEAM:



We never refuse recovery services (day shelter, meals, clothing etc.) to anyone based on religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, or ethnicity.  Our overnight shelter and LifeChange Recovery Program are available to all men, age 18+, regardless of religion, race or ethnicity.